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Agilent Chemistries and Supplies Portfolio

Scientists rely on Agilent to provide products that deliver superior business and scientific outcomes within labs. With over 35 years of expertise, the Agilent chemistries and supplies division includes an industry leading portfolio of HPLC and GC columns, sample preparation products, and chromatography and spectroscopy supplies to help you optimize your Agilent and non-Agilent instrument performance. The portfolio aims to help laboratories improve efficiency, optimize operations, increase instrument uptime, develop user skill and more. Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration with Avantor gives customers the highest confidence in their solutions.

Agilent Chemistries and Supplies Portfolio | Avantor

Accessing Agilent’s innovative range of chromatography and spectroscopy consumables through Avantor’s leading ecommerce channel, and our talented team of sales representatives and specialists provides convenient ease of access and ordering of all your consumables and needs.

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Ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance to boost your productivity with Agilent's large selection of capillary and packed GC columns, and precision engineered GC and GCMS supplies.


Achieve dependable results, increased productivity, and reduced downtime when you choose Agilent HPLC columns and supplies for your instrument.


Agilent bioconsumables portfolio is designed and produced to provide results you can be sure of when analyzing highly complex biotherapeutic molecules and monitoring their purity, potency, and other critical quality attributes.


Explore Agilent's sample preparation solutions to ensure your samples are free of interferences and to achieve superior analytical performance.


Protect your samples and limit instrument downtime with the industry’s largest selection of sample containment products.


Achieve trusted results from Agilent's innovative atomic and molecular spectroscopy supplies.


Calibrate with confidence with Agilent's comprehensive portfolio of reference materials.