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Reinvent the way you manage inventory with solutions from Avantor®

Inventory Manager: Your Lab Inventory Management Software Solution

Get inventory visibility — with no surprises. Inventory Manager from Avantor® brings the lab of the future to your bench with faster, easier lab supplies management, improved anytime, anywhere reporting and the ability to scale with your needs.

Inventory Manager Software Solutions | Avantor
No. of customer using IM
No. of sites with IM
No. of stockroom
No. of countries
Total SKUs managed in IM
Total orderlines processed via IM
Products and 4,000 core suppliers

The next generation of our online inventory software system – Inventory Manager - offers real-time insights into your lab supplies.

Now you can worry less about overstocks and stockouts and focus more on what you do best — groundbreaking R&D, essential QC and life-changing discoveries. Here’s how Inventory Manager can help:

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Explore Inventory Manager features and functionalities

Compare Inventory Manager Standard and Enterprise 

Manage your inventory of lab supplies & chemicals for freeAn end-to-end lab inventory management solution with unlimited functionality & connectivity
Free direct registrationLicense
2022 release2022 release & 2023 update
User management
Number of users5Unlimited
Role management (360 access visibility)1 FixedUnlimited/customizable
Metrics, reporting & analytics
Stockroom KPI's
360 reporting (pre-defined & custom; scheduled & ad-hoc)Basic
Supply chain health KPI's2023 release
Activity management & tracking
Dashboard activity & transaction feed
Card view vs. table information
Notification engine (in-app & email)Limited
Audit logBasicAdvanced
Cost center & department tracking
Request & approval routing
Budget tracking2023 release
Order & supply chain management
Direct ordering to Avantor (vwr.com)
WIMS order status/tracking
Electronic ordering for complete Avantor portfolio
Electronic orderingAvantor out of the boxAvantor out of the box & customizable
Order transmission (non-Avantor vendors)PDF standard formatElectronic, PDF, CSV & TXT, customizable
Inventory visibility & stockroom requests via vwr.com
PO configuration
Returns handling2023 release
Inventory management & replenishment
Simple reorder point/min-max
Replenishment handling✓  Single option✓  Multiple options
Barcode labelling✓  Fixed option✓  Multiple options/configurable (2023 release)
Autopilot (replenish & receive)
Consumption tracking/user barcodesFull user tracking
Standing order management2023 release
Stockroom management
No. of stockrooms/stocking locations1Unlimited
Hierarchical stockroom location management
Traceable stock adjustments
Open & closed access stockrooms –
transfers between satellite stockrooms
2023 release
Product management
VWR.com automated product additions to inventoryUnlimitedUnlimited
Vendor managementLimited to 5 (incl. Avantor)Unlimited
Lot & expiry date management
Custom UOM management
Customizable product level fields
Quality inspection/control handling2023 release
Integrated recommendation & alternatives engine2023 release
Document management2023 release
Automated custom product attribute/data management (e.g., CAS,
mol. weight, protection class) “integrated PIM system”
2023 release
Connectivity, mobile & integration
Mobile scanning app iOS & Android
Scanner integrationOnline version onlyOnline & offline versions
Online scanner functionsReplenish & receiveMulti-functional: replenish,
consume, receive, stock
correction, approvals & stock transfers (2023)
Kiosks/vending machines - Input devices
Push notifications for mobile app
Integration with customer ERP system
ELN integration2023 release
LIMS integration2023 release
Standardized API calls2023 release
System set-up
Multi-language versions (17 languages)
Single account for vwr.com & IM
Customizable and downloadable tables
Full application search (global)
Help & support
Digital tech support team available (20/5)
Downloadable online manual
Click to chat
Guided help2023 release 

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Get started on a better path to managing your lab’s inventory with Inventory Manager Standard.


Enterprise-level visibility with functionality your lab ecosystem requires, supported by Inventory Manager Enterprise.

Inventory Manager saves lab +16,000 hours per year at a Fortune 500 company


A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company wanted to raise productivity so they could stay competitive and increase shareholder value.

After an in-depth assessment, an Avantor Lean Process Consultant found the scientists were spending more than 36,000 hours every year searching for supplies and doing other non-essential lab inventory management tasks — time that could have been spent on research.

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Our consultant recommended Inventory Manager, our point-of-use online inventory software that ensures scientists have the right supplies at the right time. Using industry-leading technology, the program identifies and concentrates the supplies each laboratory location and work area needs — then tracks usage and continually optimizes stock levels.

These changes were supported with updates to the organization’s lab procurement process, including assigning a single point of contact for infrequently ordered items and streamlining channels for handling procurement issue resolution.

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The Fortune 500 company now saves more than 16,000 hours every year — the equivalent of about eight fulltime scientists. Our software to manage inventory removed nearly $75,000 of excess inventory and decreased the average value of on-hand lab supplies at each facility by 29%, from $521,000 to $373,000.

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Reinvent the way you manage inventory


Manage your inventory faster and more easily. 
Our vendor-agnostic platform is your one-stop stockroom inventory management solution. 

Access your reporting anytime, anywhere. 
View critical lab data and reports from multiple device types with our web-based inventory management software.

Scale your laboratory quickly. 
Fully scalable and easily customizable, Inventory Manager makes it simple to scale as you grow.

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