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Effective equipment management—a plan and process that covers lab equipment’s full lifecycle from purchase to de-acquisition—is vital if a lab is going to function well and move research forward without costly delays due to missing or poorly maintained lab equipment.

At Avantor, we used our decades of knowledge gained from selling and servicing lab equipment to create proprietary cloud-based Equipment Manager software. This vendor-agnostic digital solution allows us to support you in asset management. Organized tracking of documents and certifications eases audits and helps ensure that your lab equipment stays in compliance with local, internal and external regulations. A robust digital repository simplifies document organization—no more downtime wasted searching for an SOP or a service report. Real-time and scheduled reporting, plus alerts about calibration and maintenance deadlines, help you to plan ahead and work more efficiently.

With our Equipment Manager software solution, your lab will be able to keep equipment well maintained, calibrated, and in compliance simply and sustainably, so your team can spend time where it belongs: on science.

Avantor's equipment management software – a digital solution for the full lifecycle of your lab's equipment

Efficient, customizable, equipment management solutions designed to optimize uptime and minimize costly downtime for the full lifecycle of your laboratory equipment.

Compliance simplified

Keep your equipment in compliance with local, regional and internal standards with:

  • Scheduled service and maintenance that aligns with supplier/manufacturer guideline
  • A history of services completed, whether by in-house staff or a dedicated third-party
  • A record of audits, easily accessible, to demonstrate that the lab equipment is in compliance with local jurisdictional regulations and internal standards
Maintenance, calibration and repairs streamlined

Minimize risk of downtime due to lost or poorly maintained equipment with enterprise-level data that lets you plan ahead:

  • Track lab or storage location of lab equipment and instruments
  • Access data-based reporting to track service, calibration, repairs and maintenance
  • Maintain list of service partners, whether VWR, OEM or third party
  • Create customized reporting modes – scheduled or ad hoc
  • Create new service requests from the bench, at any lab in your ecosystem
  • Set up automated alerts for routine service, calibration and inspection that are in line with manufacturer’s recommendations
  • A total spare parts management solution, including automatic re-stocking when used in conjunction with our proprietary Inventory Manager software
Robust digital document repository

Vital information at your fingertips when you digitize the documents associated with your lab equipment:

  • Quickly access SOPs, service contracts, warranty information and other documentation associated with any piece of equipment in any of your labs
  • Add photographs to confirm damage and repair, or to clarify specific service requests
Ease of use

Equipment Manager’s cloud-based functionality, accessible from both browsers and mobile devices, streamlines insights and personalizes the user experience with:

  • Customizable dashboard and widgets
  • Individual notifications and messages, including alerts about routine maintenance and calibration
  • Multi-lingual capability, currently supporting English, French, German, and Spanish
  • Available on desktop and mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Enterprise-level information when you need it, from diverse locales
Repair versus replace

Equipment Manager provides the information you need about each piece of equipment’s age, number and cost of prior service/repairs and reliability. Our vendor-agnostic platform tracks spend information, from purchase to de-acquisition, for all lab equipment, including equipment available through our channel brand, VWR.

  • Reporting tool allows you to track cost across each individual lab
  • Transparency of data for monitoring spend and total cost of ownership
  • Implement industry best practices for replacing worn or outdated equipment, based on clear and accurate data
Automation of time-consuming tasks

Eliminate administrative overhead and get time back for science with Equipment Manager’s automated capabilities including:

  • Register any/all pieces of equipment, in any/all labs in order to track status, location, and availability
  • Verify the location of a piece of an equipment
  • Check-in and check-out equipment
  • Check status of equipment repair schedules
  • Track and manage your service requests and work orders
  • Create new service requests in the laboratory—including uploading photos for better documentation
  • Track whether lab equipment is online, offline, or decommissioned without physical staff management of storeroom

Avantor's equipment management services – more than just equipment management software

Avantor Equipment Services is a trusted partner that has optimized scientific processes in labs around the world. With accredited, ISO 17025-certified service centers, and technical teams that can partner with original equipment manufacturers and service providers alike, we can create holistic equipment management solutions for customers of any size, at any location.

With our vendor-agnostic approach and hundreds of brands of lab equipment available through our channel brand, VWR, we are a single point of contact for all equipment management needs. Our team of experts will work with you for the full lifecycle of your equipment: from installation, validation, calibration and maintenance to warranty management, compliance, and relocation services.

Avantor’s equipment management solutions give your lab an efficient digital solution to track and act on everything from lab equipment maintenance to calibration and compliance issues. Give time back to science – contact us or request a free live demonstration today. 

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