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Our e-commerce platform makes it easy to shop for exactly what you need at any time – at your convenience.

E-commerce Tools | Avantor

Avantor®’s, e-commerce platform makes it easy to shop for exactly what you need. Browse and compare more than six million products and easily organize your shopping experience, or use the platform as a simple e-procurement system.

With products organized by workflow as well as budget considerations,we provide expert help supporting many customer-based processes, going far beyond add-to-basket and checkout. Helpful resources include: 

  • Smart search
  • Shopping lists
  • Order tracking
  • Approval workflow
  • Budget control
  • B2B integrations
  • Great promotions available year-round
  • Applications and products dedicated to customer working areas

Learn about our valid units of measure, uploading lists for shopping, order entry and more.


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With our innovative search tools for antibodies and pipet pips, the exact items you need are just a few clicks away.

Ensure uninterrupted results by keeping your lab equipment running smoothly. Avantor’s MyEquipment Management app can help.


Keep your lab equipment running smoothly with the convenience, visibility and asset management expertise of Avantor’s MyEquipment Manager app.