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CLS White Paper | Avantor

Improving cell lysis methodology is an impactful and easy-to-adopt unit operation to minimize loss and improve overall process yield. Triton™ X-100 is the industry-favored method of lysis however, new environmental regulations require an alternative reagent selection.
This white paper presents features of a new chemical lysis agent, J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution, which can rapidly rupture cell membranes across a wide range of operating conditions and is compatible with traditional DNA removal agents such as J.T.Baker® Endonuclease.
Study data illustrates this efficacy, as well as additional characteristics of this biodegradable cell lysis agent:

  • Comparable lysis performance to Triton™ X-100 across a range of cell densities, and at standard process temperatures and pH levels, to support flexible process development
  • Protection of viral vectors during lysis comparable to Triton™ X-100
  • Clearance during downstream processing
  • Proven compatibility to standard Endonucleases including J.T.Baker® Endonuclease

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Beth Kroeger-Fahnestock

Director, New Product Introduction at Avantor

Beth Kroeger-Fahnestock is a Director, New Product Introduction, in Avantor’s Biopharma Production division. She currently manages new product launches to support Avantor’s mission in bringing lifesaving medicines to market. She has extensive industry experience in Manufacturing, Validation, Technical Transfer, R&D, Compliance, and Quality from her various positions she has held. Her areas of expertise include large-scale Bioprocess systems, downstream purification operations, and process and cleaning validation along with cleanroom environmental control, speaking frequently on these topics for educational and professional organizations. She served on the ISPE task force responsible for writing the ISPE Guidance: Cleaning Validation Lifecycle – Applications, Methods, and Controls Good Practice Guide, published in 2020 and was an Adjunct Lecturer, Temple University, School of Pharmacy, RA/QA Graduate Program for several years. She earned a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.