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Vaccine Upstream Processing

Optimal production of vaccines is achieved in mammalian expression and insect systems using cell lines that are anchorage-dependent or suspension enabled.

Vaccines Upstream Processing | Avantor

Achieving optimal vaccine production

Avantor® provides culture systems that support processes development, scale-up, and full manufacturing. Our systems include a wide variety of:

  • Culture flasks and shaker platforms
  • Roller bottles and roller bottle racks
  • Sterile cell factories
  • Microcarriers to allow culture of cell lines in larger bioreactors

For expansion of your production cell line, we offer media components with enriched growth supplements so that you can design your own formulations. To support cell growth, we offer attachment factors and animal sera to enhance attachment. For mRNA vaccines manufacturing workflows using cell-free synthesis, enzymes and nucleotides are available.

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Avantor J.T.Baker® brand cGMP manufactured IPTG

The only cGMP manufactured IPTG to ICHQ7 standards, providing biopharma researchers and manufacturers with a solution to help scale recombinant vaccines with speed, quality and confidence.

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