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Biology Microscope Slides

With the widest selection of hand-preserved microscope slides for every biology topic, plus the widest selection of stain options and custom sets, we have everything you need to give your students the most accurate, consistent, slides for in-depth biology study. 

What Makes Ward's Microscope Slides the Best Quality on the Market?

This is the visual proof. All Ward's Science slides are subject to a rigorous three-point quality inspection to ensure:

  • Consistent staining intensity
  • Clear tissue presentation unimpeded by debris or damage
  • Easily indentifiable nuclear material

We also carry the widest selection available - more specimens, more stain options, and a much greater variety of preparation options. If you don't see the prepared slides you need, we can prepare custom slides or sets to meet your specifications.


Tardigrades, rotifers, reptiles, poriferans and many more animal microscope slides available.


Choose from a large selection of eubacteria cyanobacteria, bacterial morphology, archaebacterial and bacteria comparative type slides.


All of the genetics, cellular differentiation, cell structure, cell division, biochemistry and development and embryology slides you need.


An extensive selection of zygomycetes, symbiotic fungi, deutermycetes, basidiomycetes and ascomycetes microscope slides.


A large variety of high-quality slides for examining cells under a microscope.


Skeletal, sensory, nervous, respiratory and reproductive system slides, as well as various tissue slides available.


A vast array of protist, plant, histology, fungi, forensic, bacteria and animal slide sets.


A large selection of plant microscope slides for student learning.


A vast collection of protozoa, algae and protist comparative types microscope slides.