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Science educators of today inspire the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Ward’s Science supports educators by providing them with the supplies and equipment they need to challenge students to apply their knowledge of scientific principles, strengthen their understanding, and prepare them for their careers.

Science Education | Avantor

Why study science?

Science enables us to analyze the mysteries of the universe and generate solutions for everyday life. Educators in this subject inspire the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) leaders of tomorrow. Ward’s Science supplies the best science education and lab equipment for K-12 and college-level students, and educators. The hands-on science approach challenges students to apply their knowledge of scientific principles in real-life situations, strengthens their understanding of the subject, and builds career readiness.

Avantor® offers science education supplies and equipment across various scientific subjects, such as environmental, geology, forensics, and others. Choose a topic below to see our list of science education supplies.

What is science education?

Science education is the act of teaching science to students of all ages, from young children in elementary school to high school students, college students, and adults. Traditional science education includes:

  • Physical science. The branch of natural science that studies non-living things. Among the branches of physical science are astronomy, chemistry, and physics.

  • Life science. The branch of natural science that involves the scientific study of life, such as micro-organisms, plants, animals, and humans.

  • Earth science. The field of science that studies the planet Earth, including the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere.

Each science subject requires its own unique set of supplies. Having the necessary science education equipment can promote a better learning environment for students. Browse our wide selection of education lab supplies across various subjects above. Avantor also offers custom science education kits to enhance specific teaching curriculums.


Find the all-in-one kits and materials you need to meet AP course requirements for several science disciplines.


We offer a wide range of living and preserved specimens, media, microscope slides, and more for your biology classroom.


We carry a wide selection of equipment, models, activity kits, and safety supplies for your chemistry lab in one place.


Find big savings on thousands of activities, supplies, and equipment for every science subject and grade level.


Our custom science kits can support your lesson plans and curriculum needs. Choose from standard kits or contact us to create your own.


We carry a wide range of education materials and supplies to help younger students with reading, math, and science.


Help students learn about current environmental science topics with our activity kits and wide selection of equipment and supplies.


We have everything you need to outfit your forensics program so you can teach students how science can help solve real-world crimes.


Browse our wide selection of specimens, activities, and equipment for every level of geology and earth science study.


Shop our wide selection of materials for patient care, clinical applications, veterinary science, and biomedical studies.


Stock your lab for educational success with equipment and lab supplies for every teaching application and budget.


Find high-quality microscopes for beginners to advanced students, with options for many applications and budgets.


We have the apparatus, demos, equipment, and supplies for your classroom to turn physics lessons into physics connections.