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Laboratory Safety

Laboratory safety is critically important for good health, good science and good business. Avantor® offers all the lab safety supplies you need, including PPE, first aid, labeling systems and more. Keep your lab clean and safe for everyone who works there with our comprehensive range of scientific safety equipment.

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Resources to Improve Safety

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Learn about safety products, trends and tips to enhance safety in the lab.

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Extensive offering to prevent cross-contamination and protect employees from hazardous materials.

A broad choice of glasses, goggles and face shields for laboratory applications.

Vast collection of apparel to provide protection, comfort and durability in all scientific environments.

All the respiratory and hearing protection products you need to keep employees safe on the job.

Durable fabric and disposable paper options available.

Essential products that create a long-lasting barrier against spills and heated samples.

All the safety and PPE you need to deal with accidents, injuries and wound care on-site.

Benchtop and floor standing models of incinerator-ready cardboard boxes, sharps containers and bags.

A wide selection of radiation shields, labels and storage boxes to increase safety in the laboratory.

Face shields, gloves, aprons and more to protect against hazards when working with cryogenic equipment and liquid nitrogen.

A wide selection of printers and labels to identify dangers and enhance safety.

Everything you need to keep records and to properly identify equipment, hazards and samples.

A wide range of products that reduce both waste and the need to extract new raw materials for manufacturing.

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