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Facilities Maintenance, Protection and Hygiene

Everyone is safer in a clean, well-maintained workplace. Avantor® offers a complete line of chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance supplies and waste management products from the brands you trust.

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Personal protection equipment in a laboratory or other workplace helps reduce your exposure to workplace hazards. Select from our comprehensive range of PPE, chemical guides, and other safety equipment to address the unique requirements of your specialized environment.

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Everything you need to collect, transport, process, recycle and dispose of waste materials

A wide variety of products to help you minimize liquid hazards and clean up after a spill.

All the equipment and consumables you need to deal with accidents, injuries and wound care on-site.

A variety of mats and flooring for a range of applications, including adhesive and permanent mats and flooring, hygiene and anti-fatigue mats.

Numerous solutions to identity hazards, enhance way finding and more.

A wide selection of printers, labels and stationery to organize your work, take notes, identify dangers and enhance safety.

A wide variety of hand disinfection and hygiene solutions to maintain healthy hands and a safe work environment.

An extensive range of tools, consumables and chemicals to keep your workplace clean.

All the chemical handling and storage solutions you need to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

A large selection of the tools and industrial supplies you need from the brands you know and trust.

Make lockout/tagout convenient, easily accessible and portable with our lockout tagout kits.

How Do You Maintain a Laboratory?

To maintain a lab, you need the right laboratory maintenance equipment and effective safety plans and training practices that promote a safe lab environment. Proper equipment maintenance and preventative maintenance services allow you to keep your lab clean and your lab instruments ready to perform at optimal levels.

What Are the Hygiene and Safety Rules in Lab Practice?

Laboratory hygiene and safety rules in lab practice are regulations in place to protect you, others, research results, and the environment. Laboratory hygiene and safety rules vary depending on the institution and laboratory practices. The general guidelines stated here are basic recommendations.

Practicing good hygiene in a laboratory means:

  • Hand washing occurs after removing gloves, after handling potentially hazardous materials and before exiting the laboratory
  • Gloves are changed when contaminated and disposed of with other laboratory waste
  • Hair is tied or held back
  • Suction bulbs are used and nothing is mouth pipetted
  • Work clothes are laundered regularly
  • No eating, drinking, smoking or personal care products are applied in the lab
  • All work surfaces must be decontaminated before and after experiments and immediately if there is a spill or splash of any potentially infectious material

Laboratory safety rules may include:

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is worn at all times
  • Chemical inhalation is avoided
  • Follow laboratory rules to handle sharps and other lab equipment safely
  • Incidents that may result in exposure to infectious materials must be reported to the appropriate authority
How Often Should You Maintain and Clean Your Lab Facilities?

You must regularly maintain and clean your lab facilities to ensure your results are accurate and your laboratory operates efficiently. Ensure your lab has the proper laboratory maintenance equipment and that researchers and lab staff follow appropriate laboratory hygiene rules.

Lab facilities and equipment should be cleaned daily, and some equipment will need more frequent cleaning when in use. In addition to standard daily cleaning, it is advised to conduct a more thorough, deep cleaning once a week or more.

Should your lab experience any spills or accidents, appropriate cleanup protocols must be followed immediately to avoid potential dangers. Keep in mind that certain accidents may require a professional emergency response service to maintain staff and environment safety.

Maintaining an organized and fully stocked laboratory is also key to an efficient and productive lab. Find all the lab protection supplies you need at Avantor.

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At Avantor, we take a collaborative approach and offer customizable solutions to support your growth and scientific discoveries. We deliver the products you need to focus on scientific breakthroughs from laboratory maintenance equipment to facilities maintenance supplies.

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