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Nothing that happens in the workplace is as important as your health and safety. Avantor® helps keep you and your colleagues safe with a complete line of safety products and personal protective equipment.

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All lab safety supplies you need, including absorbents, disposal containers, labeling systems and more.

A comprehensive range of head-to-toe personal protection equipment (PPE) made by industry leaders. 

A complete line of chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance and waste management products from brands you trust.


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Browse safety supplies and personal protective equipment from industry manufacturers.  From the lab to the production floor, warehouse, cleanroom and everywhere at your site, Avantor has the PPE, cleaning and safety solutions you need to keep your facilities running safely and without interruption. 

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What Is the Importance of Wearing Lab Safety Equipment?

Wearing lab safety equipment is extremely important because it protects researchers and lab employees from injuries in the workplace. Depending on the research or lab studies being conducted, there could be a chance of exposure to hazardous materials. By wearing proper attire and safety equipment, the risk of harm can be minimized, and labs can help prevent accidents from occurring.

What Is the Essential Safety Equipment Needed in a Lab?

Some of the typical lab safety equipment needed in most labs includes: 

  • Chemical fume hoods – Fume hoods draw the harmful vapors out of the laboratory to help prevent you from inhaling vaporous chemicals and gases. 
  • Eyewash stations – A nearby eyewash station can make a big difference if any substance gets into your eyes from a splash or other accident. 
  • Fire blankets – Fire blankets can be used to smother the flames if someone’s clothes catch fire. 
  • Fire extinguishers – Fire can develop fires when labs use flammable materials or electrical equipment. Labs must have easily accessible fire extinguishers to extinguish flames immediately. 
  • First aid kits – Multiple well-stocked first aid kits should be available in every lab for use in the event of an injury. 
  • Laboratory coats – Covering your body with a lab coat can help prevent hazardous materials from contacting your skin. 
  • Laboratory-safe refrigerators – Lab-safe fridges are specifically designed to have no ignition sources. They also have other safety features that ensure the safe storage of lab materials. 
  • Protective gloves – Lab work requires working with your hands, and protective gloves offer a reduced risk of injury.  
  • Safety goggles – Proper lab eyewear helps protect your eye. 
  • Safety showers – A safety shower lets you quickly wash off harmful substances if they splash onto your skin. 
Avantor Lets Your Lab Focus on Innovation.

Safety is a top priority in your workplace. From safety equipment to safety information, you can depend on Avantor to provide it all. 

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Learn about safety products, trends and tips to enhance safety in the lab. 

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Experts from Ansell GUARDIAN®, a consultative service, help companies select and implement the right PPE solutions to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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