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Ovens and Incubators

VWR® ovens and incubators from Avantor® provide superior temperature accuracy and excellent recovery time for a wide range of demanding applications. Forced air mechanical convection units offer uniform heating, precise temperature control and fast processing using a blower that circulates heated air in a horizontal airflow pattern. Gravity convection units feature a vertical airflow pattern perfect for drying samples that require a low-turbulence environment.

Ovens & Incubators | Avantor

Digital advanced and adaptive microprocessor control systems provide superior temperature accuracy. All units feature a durable, powder-coated steel exterior with stainless steel interior; glass wool insulation; and high-temperature grade, foamed silicone rubber door gasket.


Ideal for busy laboratories where contamination concerns and ease of cleaning are important factors.


Dry and heat your samples with precision. Browse our selection of forced air and gravity convection ovens.


Offer excellent temperature uniformity for a wide range of applications.


Suitable for drying, baking, conditioning, out-gassing solids and liquids, vacuum embedding, moisture testing and age testing.


Provide a stable environment for your samples with our selection of forced air and gravity incubators.


Test chambers for constant climatic conditions provide consistent temperature and humidity values for long-term testing including shelf-life verification and packaging testing.


Great for seed cultivation, fruit fly culture, protein crystal growth, BOA testing and more.


For routine drying applications and thermal testing.