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Microscopy is a technique used in many disciplines.

Avantor has extensive knowledge in microscopy, offering a full range of products from the most basic of microscopes to sophisticated models, cold light sources, image recording systems, not forgetting the essential consumables such as cover slips and associated handling products. Our microscopy range is fully supported by big brand names and our own VWR Collection.

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Choose from a wide range of digital cameras for lab applications such as color imaging, thermal infrared imaging and more.

Options feature maximum clarity, superior corrosion resistance and uniform thickness and size.

Purchase blank slides or prepared microscope slides in your choice of dimensions and thickness in packs or larger cases.

See our large offering of microscopes that are ideal for scenarios where detail is necessary for sample analysis and evaluation.

Extensive offering of compact, durable slide boxes to protect and transport microscope slides.

Offering includes folders, cabinets and free-standing plastic units to accommodate a range of slide quantities.

Available in sturdy, reusable plastic or disposable heavy cardboard formats.

Flexible, ready-to-use stains may be handled manually or in conjunction with automatic equipment.

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