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Avantor® is ready to support your production facility with reliable access to raw materials and essential supplies. We can also help you manage processes, increase productivity and protect your facility, personnel and products.

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The challenges of production include the scaling up of laboratory processes, processing and production management, personal and product safety. Avantor is able to provide support in this environment, from raw materials to hygiene control.

We can help you monitor your finished product and intermediates, handle the increasing volumes of materials, and manage any effluent output.


Questions about how we can help you with your production?

Questions about how we can help you with your production?

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Our bioprocessing products are engineered to the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. Explore our solutions for multiple applications - vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell or gene therapy.


Reduce downstream turnaround times by optimizing resin and buffer selections, enhancing yield and purity and decreasing process times.

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Cleanrooms and controlled environments are used for ultraclean conditions in research and manufacturing.


We provide production chemicals, strategic sourcing and chemical-related services to help you meet a wide range of requirements.


This section covers everything from cleaning products to dataloggers for reporting the temperature or humidity.


From waste bins to safety signs, Avantor® helps keep you safe with a robust line of safety products and personal protective equipment.


Browse our product literature library to find details, specifications and technical information for the products and services you need.

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