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mAbs Upstream processing

Developing and manufacturing mAbs has moved away from a dependency on raw materials of animal origin. Our biochemical components and supplements are animal component–free to meet the needs of these applications.

mAbs Upstream processing | Avantor

Products and supply chain fully supporting mAbs upstream processing

Products offered for upstream processing for mAbs are designed to support cell growth and productivity while meeting the required quality and performance parameters. This allows for seamless transfer from process development to pilot scale, and to final commercial manufacturing.

As you scale up your process, our supply chain management system can easily address increased quantities of material in the quality you need for GMP requirements. Use Avantor's expertise, our high-quality raw materials and large volume fluid handling solutions, globally aligned quality systems and platform in monoclonal antibodies to custom manufacture your medium in liquid or dry formats for efficient transfer to your bioreactor.


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