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mAbs Downstream processing

Maximize efficiency and increase yield downstream with Avantor®. Our expertise in building tailored solutions, backed by qualified components and GMP materials, helps ensure that the quality of the target monoclonal antibody is maintained through each step — from bioreactor harvest to final fill.

mAbs Downstream processing | Avantor

Maximizing mAbs manufacturing yield

Increasing yield, ensuring separation of aggregates, and removing impurities are critical challenges that must be overcome in the downstream manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The high level of purity required is achieved through specialized processes, including chromatography, viral inactivation, filtration and precipitation.

All of these steps require comprehensive support to design the most efficient purification process; one that will reduce contamination risk and decrease the viral burden downstream. Our expert team will design tailored solutions for removing critical impurities and improving the productivity of the protein capture step, including:

- Highly effective, detergent-based viral inactivation with ready-to-use and readily biodegradable J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

- Proven J.T.Baker® quality chromatography resins with higher dynamic binding capacity that reduce total process steps and improve purity and yield while reducing buffer volumes

- A customized buffer management process that realizes cost, labor and facility footprint savings while meeting quality attributes and full supply chain transparency

All of our downstream solutions are available in a variety of formats and packaging configurations to best address your needs in process development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing. At every step downstream, let Avantor’s technical expertise and consultative approach improve productivity, maximize resource use and mitigate risk, so you can unlock your full potential for process output and speed to market.


J.T.Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

Seeking a sustainable solution for viral inactivation?
Choose the safer choice for improved efficiency, compatibility, and regulatory compliance while being mindful of environmental considerations.

Maximize efficiency in your viral clearance process in downstream.

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mAbs downstream processing solutions from Avantor


Achieve top performance in mAbs processing while optimizing purity with J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND PROchievA™.

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Increase efficiency by reducing the total number of purification steps with J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND® process chromatography products.

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Compare the entire line of J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND® process chromatography resins designed for the most demanding applications.

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Maximize your mAbs downstream efficiency


Learn how Avantor is the only open-architecture provider of single-use systems to customers around the globe.


With cGMP and cGDP chemical and excipients manufacturing, see how Avantor’s offerings can help speed time-to-market.


Avantor’s environmental control solutions include our complete product line and CE specialists with ISO and IEST protocols training.


Browse Avantor’s J.T.Baker® brand products designed to optimize every step of downstream processing.


From pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing, learn how Avantor works closely with biopharmaceutical customers to help speed-to-market of new therapeutics.

Explore product choices for downstream processing of mAbs

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