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Mining Lab Safety & Facility Protection | Avantor

Safety is vital in your mining lab

Mining lab safety supplies are essential for protecting workers from hazardous chemicals and materials. These supplies include personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, and respirators, as well as emergency equipment like eyewash stations and spill kits. In addition to these basic items, mining labs may also require more specialized supplies such as radiation protection gear or gas monitors.

Avantor has a wide variety of safety products suitable for a mining laboratory including personal protection such as safety glasses, safety goggles, dust masks, respirators, gloves and ear plugs. Safety equipment such as safety showers, eye wash stations, and safety storage cabinets for flammables or corrosives are also available.

We also offer items unique to a high temperature environment including, gold reflective face shields, and high temperature gloves and apparel. Spill Control products are available for Caustic, Acids and Solvents.

High Heat Safety Apparel

Protect your face in high heat environments with aluminized or gold-plated face shields.

Gloves and hand protection for high heat application often used in mineral testing. 

Body and foot protection needed for working with high heat equipment.

Personal & Product Protection

Protect people from chemical splashes, particles and other risks with high-quality eye and face protection products. 

A full line of reusable, disposable and PAPR respirators available for every application.

An extensive offering of ear plugs, earmuffs, hardhats and more.

Everything needed to protect hands from chemicals, as well as sharp, hot or cold objects and rough or sensitive materials.

A head-to-toe collection of disposable apparel that is, protective and comfortable in any work environment. 

Wide selection of reusable and washable protective apparel to get the job done safely and comfortably.

A complete collection of durable boots, shoes, insoles, and accessories that provide protection and all-day comfort.

Extensive offering of hand disinfection and hygiene solutions to maintain healthy hands and a safe work environment.

Anchorage points, lanyards, arrest blocks, clamps, protection kits, harnesses and more to prevent falls at work.

Large selection of radiation shields, labels and storage boxes to increase safety in the laboratory.

Multiple systems to detect deleted oxygen and dangerous gases such as methane, propane, butane and more.

Multiple options to successfully scrub gas in a liquid to saturate or dry gas streams.

First Aid & Emergency

Portable, plastic or steel kits available in varying sizes that include gloves, bandage, gauze and more.

A variety of wound dressings to be ready for an emergency.

Large offering for quick and accessible eye care in emergency situations.

An extensive selection of showers to flush contaminants from the eyes, face and body.

Choose woven fiberglass or flame-resistant wool with fireproof stitching in a variety of sizes.

A wide offering of stretchers with bridle slings, foam padded splints and more for emergency situations.

Facility Protection & Cleaning

A variety of stationary systems and handheld wiping units to clean up spills in the lab.

A wide range of products to help you maintain the clean, environment you require.

Everything you need to collect, transport, process, recycle and dispose of waste materials. 

Bench protectors contain liquids to prevent negatively impacting research tests or surgical procedures.

Extensive offering of products to help keep contamination out, including adhesive and permanent mats, cleanroom flooring and anti-fatigue mats.

Includes electrostatic discharge workstation kits, monitors, antistatic treatments, grounders and much more.

A wide array of signs to communicate with employees and visitors.

Versatile tapes adhere to any surface and leave no residue when removed. Available for a variety of applications.

Make lockout/tagout convenient, easily accessible, and identifiable with a vast assortment of regulation compliant kits, gear and signs.

Safety Equipment & Accessories

A wide selection of printers and labels to identify dangers and enhance safety.

Everything you need to properly identify equipment, hazards, samples and specimens as well as options for cleanroom applications.

Extensive selection of packaging, covers, bags and liners, including transparent flat bags and easy-tear bags.

All the chemical handling and storage solutions you need to maintain a safe and compliant work environment. 

Durable glove boxes and bags effectively eliminate oxygen and moisture and isolate critical or hazardous materials

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