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Avantor, through its VWR and Anachemia brand and broad portfolio of trusted third-party brands, has long been the leading global provider of products and service solutions for mining and commercial analytical laboratories. We manufacture and sell fire assay and refinery flux, crucibles, and cupels, as well as many other related products including analytical equipment, consumables, chemicals, safety products and laboratory furniture. In addition to our product portfolio, we also offer design services for both modular and permanent laboratory facilities. In this process, we aim to design safe and ergonomic workflows that will optimize efficiency for lab personnel as well as meet all required environmental regulations. Our aim is to deliver complete and personalized service to our customers.

The goal of our Global Mining team, in collaboration with our network of specialized local partners, is to support the thousands of key individuals who drive progress in mining and analytical laboratories around the world. For lab managers, chief assayers, and purchasing agents, we strive to make the lives of these individuals easier by providing high quality products at competitive prices and doing so in a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

Avantor proudly enables the advancement of the mining industry worldwide.


Avantor offers a comprehensive product offering to meet the requirements of the Mining Sample Prep Lab including Drying Ovens, Crushers, Splitters and Pulverizers


Avantor supplies fire assay equipment including furnaces, dust & slagging Hoods and consumable items such as custom made flux, fluxing reagents, cupels, and crucibles, and tools 


The mining industry relies heavily on analytical chemistry in wet labs for various purposes, including ore identification, extraction process optimization, and environmental monitoring.   A complete line of products is available through Avantor for your analytical lab, including laboratory glassware, plasticware, filter paper, fume hoods, laboratory furniture, laboratory hot plates and hot plate/stirrers.


Mining metallurgical testing involves analyzing the mineral content and quality of metals extracted from mines. Avantor has a comprehensive offering for Metallurgical testing. We supply vacuum batch filters, pressure filters, ball mills, roll mills, grinding jars and a complete selection of sieves and the sieve shakers.


Mineral refining involves various processes such as crushing, grinding, and concentration to extract the desired minerals. These minerals may further undergo smelting and refining processes to produce metals with high purity and commercial value.


Environment testing routinely refers to testing of water, soil and air. This includes analysis and detection of various ingredients and contaminants of water, soil and air in our micro and macro environment. Avantor provides leading edge instruments for the testing of water, air, soil, waste and other products to assess their quality and impact on health and the environment.


Avantor is a manufacturer of laboratory chemicals and has a complete line of acids, solvents, salts and chemical solutions to suit the demanding requirements of any mining laboratory.


Mining lab safety supplies are essential for protecting workers from hazardous chemicals and materials. Avantor has a wide variety of safety products suitable for a mining laboratory including personal protection such as safety glasses, safety goggles, dust masks, respirators, gloves and ear plugs.


Avantor offers a wide range of balances and scales including large industrial scales used in the sample receiving and sample prep areas, as well as analytical balances and micro balances used in the analytical area. A complete line of balance accessories is also available.


See our mining literature.

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