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Protein expression is the process of generating a specific protein by manipulating the gene expression in a living organism. The organisms used for protein expression technology must be easy to culture and maintain, grow rapidly, and produce large amounts of protein.

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What Is a Protein Expression System?

A protein expression system is a genetic construct designed to produce a protein. Protein expression systems are used in research and are also used to produce antibodies, vaccines, and enzymes commercially.

What Is the Difference Between Protein Expression and Protein Purification?

The difference between protein expression and protein purification is that protein expression is the process of producing proteins while protein purification is the process of isolating proteins of interest.

The level of purity needed corresponds to the end use of the protein. A purity of 90-95% may qualify a protein for research purposes, but proteins meant for use in pharmaceutical applications require purity levels up to 99.99%.

The purification workflow follows several steps:

  • Protein is extracted from cells by lysing. ·
  • A centrifuge separates soluble from insoluble components. ·
  • Chromatography purifies the protein. ·
  • Protein is quantified and checked for purity.


What Is the Purpose of Protein Expression?

The purpose of protein expression is to manufacture a functional protein in a laboratory that can be used for research or commercial use. Protein expression technology may be accomplished using protein expression kits designed for specific types of expression.

Various cell types can be used for protein expression, including:

  • Bacteria ·
  • Yeast ·
  • Insect ·
  • Mammalian

Protein expression can also be done by using a cell-free protein expression system.

Large-scale recombinant protein expression is used to produce enzymes, antibodies, or vaccines. This type of protein production requires a high volume, and the system must make it easy to culture, maintain, and grow proteins rapidly.

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