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Avantor® can equip your life sciences lab with the products, equipment and supplies you'll need whether you work in cell biology, genomics, proteomics or other fields. We carry millions of products from brands you trust so you can choose what's best for you.

The tools and supplies you need to study cells to help you identify biochemical and physiological processes of life.

Everything you need to develop gene therapies, personalized medicine, advance genome editing and more.

Get all the tools you need from a single source to help you explore proteins and their central role in the body’s biological processes.

Custom peptide synthesis service with numerous options of synthesis platforms, purity levels, modifications and formats to meet a variety of research needs.

From sample preparation to final identification of microorganisms and more, we offer a wide range of solutions for microbiological research.

See all the life science products from the brands you know and trust.

End to end innovative solutions.


Novel generation of DNA/RNA sequencing technology to improve NGS workflows and enable the analysis of anything, anywhere and by anyone.

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Select from more than 15 search criteria to find the antibody you need. Start by making your antibody pre-selection here.


Reagents for bio-production, in vivo work, viral production, DNA and siRNA transfection, CRISPR/Cas 9 and more.


A wide offering of top-quality animal serum for every cell culture application that requires it.


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What is Life Science?

Life sciences are a wide-ranging field that includes many disciplines and specialties. All the disciplines cover the scientific study of life and organisms, including microorganisms, plants, animals and human beings. Some life sciences specialties focus on the study of a specific type of organism. Other specialties concentrate on aspects of life that are common to all living things. Among the branches of life science are:

  • Cell biology
  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Biotechnology
  • Epidemiology

The field of life sciences is incredibly vast and reflects the enormity of life on this planet. With applications in health, medicine, agriculture and the pharmaceutical and food science industries, life science discoveries advance the quality and standard of life. Avantor® offers products, equipment, supplies, and services for specific disciplines and workflows within life sciences. Discover the life science products and solutions you need, whether you work in cell biology, genomics, proteomics, or other fields. We carry a comprehensive selection of life science products from brands you trust so you can choose what's best for you. Learn how Avantor® can supply everything you need to pursue your work.

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From discovery to delivery, we are the trusted global partner in life science and advanced technology industries. Find the innovative solutions for the gene editing & cell engineering, gene expression analysis & genotyping, and protein expression workflows.


See all the life science products from the brands you know and trust.

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