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Specimen Collection and Transport

Maintaining the integrity of specimen collection, storage and transport is critically important, so you need products and packaging you can trust. Avantor® can give you the confidence you need by offering a wide range of options to collect and ship your samples according to the latest regulations, including temperature-controlled transport.

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A large non-profit medical research organization needed to move its primary shipping and receiving operation to an off-site location. See how we helped.

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A large variety of containers to safely collect, transport and examine samples.

Versatile swabs to accurately collect samples for testing, cleaning or complete medical procedures.

Containers are crack-resistant and feature secure caps and leak-resistant seals.

A wide variety of bags to collect and transport samples.

For transporting products requiring critical packaging, cooling packs can withstand rough handling and work best in conjunction with insulated containers.

Mailers and shipping containers provide secure delivery of any temperature sensitive material such as blood samples or testing specimen.

Slide mailers securely hold slides of various sizes, providing safe storage of the specimen.

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