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One of the primary functions of hematology laboratories is to detect anemia and diagnose the exact type. Other important functions include investigating coagulation defects and treating diseases such as coronary thrombosis and leukemia. From hematocrit readers to stains, counting chambers, reagents and more, Avantor® offers everything you need to conduct your vital work.

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Equipment & instruments

Count cells accurately and efficiently with a cell counter for various research and diagnostic applications.

Wide offering suitable for blood cell counting, cell concentration measurement, cell viability tests and more.

Concentrate cells and deposit them onto slides for microscopic examination with the special cytology funnels to be used with a cytocentrifuge.

Select a Microscope from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Efficiently stain slides for microscopy analysis with a slide stainer.

A tube rotator in a hematology lab provides a controlled and consistent mixing or agitation motion, which is essential for ensuring accurate and reliable test results.


Flexible, ready-to-use stains may be handled manually or in conjunction with automatic equipment.

Microscopy and staining reagents carefully standardized and reproducible to ensure accurate and easily interpretable results in identifying a variety of microscopic organisms.


VWR supplies microscope slides for cytology, histology, and general microbiology applications.

Clinical Laboratory Resources


Setting up a laboratory: Clinical Laboratory Checklist

Setting up a laboratory can be challenging with all the different components that make up a lab.


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AI can be leveraged to develop predictive models for identifying patients most likely to respond to treatment or identify potential complications that may occur during a trial.

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