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Cytology has become an established aid for the diagnosis of malignancy in various organs, particularly those of the respiratory, urinary and female genital tracts. Avantor® offers a wide range of products to study cells across every cytology application.


All you need for the microscopy workflow is available on one page. This includes everything from basic microscopes to high-end imaging systems, consumables, stains, and much more!


Refrigerators and freezers of all types! Avantor’s laboratory cold storage equipment is designed and manufactured to provide dependable storage and outstanding temperature stability for your valuable samples, reagents, and materials.


Avantor’s extensive range of thermometers offers the perfect solution for every application.

Sample prep

Avantor offers microscope slides for cytology, histology, and general microbiology applications.

Flexible, ready-to-use stains may be handled manually or in conjunction with automatic equipment.

Centrifuges are used to concentrate cells in fluid specimens onto a microscope slide so that they can be stained and examined. Typically used in a clinical laboratory, within applications such as cytopathology, hematology and microbiology.

Cytology funnels are used for applying a thin cell layer to a microscope slide by means of centrifugation. This mess-free microscopic preparation enables the closer study of cell structures and functions. Being disposable, the devices eliminate timely sterilization procedures.

Avantor offers a broad line of reagent droppers, diagnostic kits, antigens and antisera to identify a variety of microscopic organisms.

Fume hoods provide the necessary protection for both the working materials and personnel. These enclosures serve as barriers against exposure that could be detrimental to tests or health. A variety of different formats are available.

Browse Avantor’s range of upright microscopes from reputable suppliers for your application needs.

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