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Helping protect the health and well-being of people around the globe is an integral part of Avantor’s® mission to set science in motion to create a better world. Along with our biopharmaceutical capabilities, we serve a diverse range of needs by providing advanced solutions for numerous healthcare applications, including cytology, histology, hematology, microscopy and many others.

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Healthcare solutions from R&D to production, prevention, diagnosis, therapy and care

Avantor has a comprehensive offering of clinical laboratory products and services that assist labs in addressing industry supply chain challenges including product availability, specimen integrity, labor challenges, and more. Our team of laboratory experts can work with your facility to provide solutions customized to your needs and help you achieve results. We can provide quality products that meet the need for cost effective solutions.

Whether you’re looking for clinically preferred or cost-effective products, our portfolio of solutions can meet your expectations so you can deliver high quality care. We offer our own private label clinical products as well as leading national brands, and we have many different scalable solutions to fit your needs.

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A strong research and development function is the lifeblood of diagnosis and treatment. Avantor offers a comprehensive selection of products and equipment for research and development. From testing and diagnosis to therapy, treatment and care, Avantor provides mission-critical products and supplies for laboratory and production facilities.


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