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Gene therapy downstream processing

Avantor optimizes the downstream process, allowing therapeutics to reach the market faster. With over 40 years of chromatography experience, developed products, and services, we have every solution to meet your needs.

Gene therapy downstream processing | Avantor

Avantor®’s gene therapy downstream processing solutions

At Avantor, we work to optimize the downstream process, allowing our customers to keep as much volume as possible from their upstream process. Ultimately, though, our goal is to help gene therapies reach the market more quickly.

In gene therapy, process efficiency in the downstream phase is crucial. Avantor collaborates with you to understand your downstream challenges and deliver tailored solutions. We offer resin and buffer screening, selection assistance, as well as training and assistance with column-packing and configuration.

Our J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND® chromatography resins have been used successfully in commercial and clinical manufacturing of protein therapeutics for over four decades. Our resins provide enhanced selectivity, enabling separation of proteins and peptides and delivering greater efficiencies and higher purity profiles to biopharma chromatography schemes.

Our services and solutions to support your efforts include:

  • Column packing
  • Process development support
  • Custom chromatography resins
  • Column cleaning and storage recommendations

As a primary manufacturer and supplier of common buffer components, we also offer individual components in various formats, including:

  • Dry biochemicals
  • 1x liquids and powders
  • Concentrated stocks

The result of Avantor’s processes is enhanced yield and purity while decreasing process times.

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Avantor manufacturers and distributes biopharmaceutical products and excipients providing structured choice and risk mitigation – for biopharmaceutical development, pilot scale and commercial manufacturing.


Avantor is the only open-architecture, single-use provider to offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics to support every stage of your biomanufacturing process—wherever your operations are located across the globe. Our global capabilities and supply chain and quality programs are designed to give the peace of mind so you can focus your time on producing critical therapies, quickly and safely.


Learn how Avantor Services bioprocessing specialists can help optimize your upstream and downstream operations.


Avantor J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND® process chromatography products features a unique multi-mode chemistry designed to increase yield by improving the efficiency of your purification process and enhance selectivity by removing closely related impurities. Our resins and media are proven to reduce total purification steps while also improving purity and yield in bioprocessing applications.


From pre-clinical through commercial manufacturing, Avantor works closely with biopharmaceutical customers to reduce downstream optimization turnaround times so biopharmaceutical customers can reach the market faster with new therapeutics.

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