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From research to development, manufacturing and delivery, your work in science requires a variety of lab equipment, instruments and tools. Avantor® has an extensive offering of featured tools to ensure you’ll always have what you need.


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Expert insight about the different vaccine technologies and the lessons we can learn from the industry’s historic ramp-up from research to manufacturing.


We keep innovation at the heart of our business model, helping customers achieve their goals faster, more efficiently and more effectively.


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From discovery to scale-up and commercial delivery, we offer all the scientific products, services and solutions you need.

An extensive selection of critical products needed for virus research and detection.

Conductive robotic tips enable even the smallest amount. of liquid volumes to be sampled with high precision and without contamination.

Start your new lab, or renovate an existing lab, with support from our new lab start-up program.

Waste generation is a global challenge. Along with our customers, Avantor is working to minimize waste creation and divert materials into usable streams rather than to the landfill.

Our solutions are developed with you as our focus and crafted by our Avantor team, including a network of science professionals.

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