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Chromatography for Pharma

Are you working in pharmaceutical development or in a manufacturing facility and require information on U/HPLC and GC separations? The following extended application notes or complete solutions are examples as to how Avantor® can help you deliver the results you need for your laboratory.

Chromatography for Pharma | Avantor

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An extensive offering of equipment and products for analytical liquid chromatography are available from Avantor®.


Choosing the right column for your application can be a daunting task. We have a wide selection of resources to support you in finding the best column for your challenging application.

Chromatography Applications for Pharma


If you are looking for the best way to determine impurities and degradants of a new or existing API, we can help you with our complete solution approach.


Most labs have a requirement for a reliable HPLC method that will confirm the removal of cleaning surfactants from equipment between batches. Here is an example application looking at surfactant levels.


When looking to improve the separation of very similar and closely related compounds, download this example and see how our U/HPLC columns with advanced stationary phase design can help.


The use of natural products found in cannabis sativa is becoming more widespread. This paper gives an example sample preparation method followed by UHPLC-MS/MS separation.

Additional Resources

Many factors in HPLC and LC-MS workflows can impact analysis. Here we look at each section in turn to identify best practice to deliver excellent chromatographic results.

Helping you to find the right vials for your precious samples, this guide helps you by identifying the most commonly required vials, caps and kits.

A review and comparison of the changes to the allowable adjustments made by the USP and harmonized with other pharmacopeia.

With isocratic and gradient examples we can demonstrate how to reduce mobile phase consumption and waste by moving existing methods to smaller format columns.

Our free to download LC method translator can be used to simplify translating gradient methods between different format columns.

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