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Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is a key but often overlooked step in the chromatography workflow. Every sample is unique and what works for one preparation may not work as well for another. That is why Avantor® offers a comprehensive range of solutions.

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Useful Resources


It is important to choose the right type of syringe filter depending upon your type of sample. This guide helps to point you to the correct one from an extensive range at Avantor.


With lots of options for SPE media, this guide provides additional information to help you learn about the SPE process and what parameters are important for your application.

Products for Sample Preparation


Thoroughly filtering samples can help keep your chromatography system working well and extend column lifetime. Avantor carries a wide range of products so you can choose the correct membrane, housing, size and pore size for every sample you use. See what we have.


Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a key step in the chromatography workflow to either enrich certain sample analytes or remove unwanted analytes. See our selection of SPE products for your laboratory.


Centrifugation is a quick and simple way to separate out undissolved particulates in your sample to allow for analysis of the supernatant.


Prepare your samples or your mobile phases in one of the hot plate stirrers or reaction stations available from Avantor.


If you work in chromatography, you need reliable pH meters, balances, pipettes, and other measuring devices. Avantor carries a comprehensive range of products to meet all your needs.


If your sample preparation requires a reaction step, make sure you use a high-quality reagent from Avantor.

Featured Products

With high-quality filters for sample preparation and dissolution testing, Pall can meet the unique requirements of every lab with a wide variety of membranes.

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