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Gas Chromatography (GC)

Gas chromatography uses helium, hydrogen or other gases to separate, identify and quantify volatile sample mixtures with reliable results. This technique is widely used in the food, environmental and chemical industries, but also has many other applications, like residual solvents testing in the pharmaceutical industry. Avantor® has everything you need to perform reproducible GC and GC-MS in the lab.

Gas Chromatography | Avantor

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Find the right vials and closures for every application using this easy guide.


Find the right accessories for your GC or GC-MS application including liners, ferrules, septa, connectors and filters.


With a wide range of GC and GC-MS columns and retention gaps available, we can help you find the right choice for your specific analyte mixture.


With precision engineered gas chromatography columns and supplies, you can ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance, regardless of your instrument platform.

Gas Chromatography Products


We carry a wide range of GC and GC-MS columns so you can select the best choice for your applications. With an extensive polarity range and different dimensions and formats, no need to look anywhere else for your GC columns.


Avantor carries a complete line of consumables including liners, ferrules and septa required to keep your GC operating at its peak. See everything we carry for your instruments.


When you need high purity solvents to get the best results from your chromatography, look at what Avantor carries to meet your GC needs.


Gas generators are an essential component of the gas chromatography workflow. Avantor offers several gas generators in different sizes to fit in cabinets or under work surfaces. We can help you find the right one for your laboratory.

What is Gas Chromatography?


Gas chromatography (GC) is a valuable analytical technique that is capable of separating and quantifying a wide variety of volatile sample mixtures and producing very reliable results for long periods of time. Used extensively in the food, environmental and chemical industries it also has wide applicability in many other areas. The technique uses a gas (usually helium and hydrogen) as a carrier for the injected sample, which is vaporized using elevated temperatures.

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