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Chromatography for Food and Beverages

When looking to identify or quantify a certain compound in a food or drink sample, various chromatographic techniques are often required due to the challenging sample matrix. Avantor® carries all the chromatography products you need to meet the demands of food and beverage analytical testing.

Chromatography for Food and Beverages | Avantor

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Chromatography Products for Food and Beverage Laboratories


There is a requirement to determine quantities of mycotoxins in food. Patulin is a toxin often found in rotting apples. Here is a good example application demonstrating the use of Avantor® chromatography products for this assay.


When you need to determine the amount of water-soluble vitamins in your sample, you can find a robust solution here.


When looking to identify and quantify certain key amino acids in your sample, a simple HPLC method can provide you with a solution.


Levels of aflatoxin in your food products can be monitored and determined using HPLC. Here we identify a viable method to carry out this critical study.

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A collection of HPLC and LC-MS applications covering a wide range of analytes found in food and beverage samples including vitamins, amino acids, mycotoxins and preservatives.

Helping you to find the right vials for your precious samples, this guide helps you by identifying the most commonly required vials, caps and kits.

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