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Chromatography for Biopharma

When you are working in the development or manufacture of pharmaceutical products produced using biological processes, this requires a different approach to your chromatographic needs when compared to chemically synthesized APIs. Avantor® has the chromatography products and resources you need for successful biopharmaceutical assays.

Chromatography for Biopharma | Avantor

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Everything you need to separate monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and various peptides.


Choosing the right chromatographic technique and resin chemistry is critical to achieve sufficient biomolecular characterization. Here we discuss the options.


An insight into the use of reversed phase columns to analyze proteins and peptides. With sections on choice of mobile phase, temperature and column stationary phase, this is a must read for analysts looking to separate proteins or peptides based on differing hydrophobicity.

Chromatography Applications for Biopharma

If you are looking to characterize a protein produced via a biological process, this is the most widely used method for characterization of mAbs and ADCs.

Is your lab looking into transferring a method from one HPLC instrument to another? This need not be complicated with the right knowledge and process.

If you need to quantify all amino acids present in your culture media quickly and accurately, a dedicated amino acid analyzer is a good option.

When you need to clearly identify small peptides in a sample, consider also the column dimensions to drive sustainability. Here we demonstrate how.

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Our comprehensive guide to workflow solutions for biopharmaceuticals covers peptides, SEC, charge variants, glycans, amino acids,  oligonucleotides and affinity chromatography.

Helping you to find the right vials for your precious samples, this guide helps you by identifying the most commonly required vials, caps and kits.

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