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Biopharma production chemicals and excipients

Avantor® manufactures and distributes biopharmaceutical products and excipients providing structured choice and risk mitigation – for biopharmaceutical development, pilot scale and commercial manufacturing.

Biopharma production chemicals and excipients | Avantor

Trust chemicals and excipients from Avantor to help you reach the market faster with new biologics. With our global network of cGMP and cGDP manufacturing facilities, customer centric quality programs, comprehensive management of change system and in-depth industry expertise, Avantor can help you improve your production process performance, increase product yield and comply with regulatory requirements.


Learn how the J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packaging system can help your processes

Learn how to streamline your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes with our novel packaging platform.

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Learn about Avantor’s process water filtration systems and how they serve a variety of critical biomanufacturing workflows.

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Discover Avantor’s customizable buffer management solutions for downstream processing.

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Improve your production process performance with Avantor


Quality & choice

  • Global cGMP manufacturing capabilities backed by global change materials
  • Lot-to-lot consistency and comprehensive supportive testing 
  • Avantor-manufactured and distributed products provide structured choice and risk mitigation



  • Field-based specialists to help you select the most appropriate direct materials for your processes
  • Data-driven answers to your toughest biopharmaceutical challenges—from gene to protein to final formation



  • Global cGDP logistics footprint ensures product integrity and prompt delivery
  • Special logistics and supply chain services including:
    • Product certifications provided electronically and/or with shipments
    • Customer-reserved inventory to help enable assurance of supply
    • Custom pallet programs and barcoded labelling
  • Global e-commerce platform enables you to get what you need, when you need it



  • Custom cGMP manufacturing capabilities for direct materials used in biopharma manufacturing—from small scale to high volume manufacturing
  • Addressing your custom purity needs, new product development and synthesis from cell culture supplements, elemental impurity-controlled buffers, through novel excipients
  • Wide range of packaging alternatives to fit your process for both powder and liquid materials

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From discovery to clinical development and production trust products from Avantor to help you reach the market faster with new breakthroughs.


Enhance the effectiveness of your products and streamline your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes with our novel packaging platform.

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