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Battery Recycling

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A Wide selection of Products for Battery Recycling

Li-Ion batteries often contain useful and valuable high-grade metals. They also contain harmful substances, such as organic solvents and fluorine-containing lithium salts. Therefore, recycling of Li-Ion batteries has a considerable potential economic benefit and helps to protect the natural environment.

Recycling for Li-Ion batteries usually involves both physical and chemical processes:

  • Mechanical processes (including inert crushing, sorting, and sieving processes and a special case: thermomechanical separation) ·
  • Hydrometallurgical processes ·
  • Pyrometallurgical processes

Most lithium-ion batteries that are recycled today go through a process called “shredding”, where the battery is shredded up into very small pieces. After shredding, this so-called “black mass” is processed to extract valuable metals like cobalt and nickel.

Avantor will support you by offering chemicals, equipment, instruments as well as a broad range of products for R&D, QA/QC, Testing, controlled environment, personal protective equipment, safety and facility management.

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Avantor offers a broad range of cleanroom products to protect the product and process.

Avantor offers a broad range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect the operator when researching, manufacturing or recycling.

Avantor offers a broad range of products to keep the facility clean, safe and ordered.

Avantor offers a broad range of chemicals for R&D and production of battery active materials.

Avantor distributes a broad range of process equipment and instrumentation from top manufacturers.

Avantor carries a broad range of products to meet the specialized needs of R&D, QA/QC & Testing laboratories.