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Battery Cell, Module and Pack Assembly

Avantor® sets advanced battery science in motion to create a better world. Cell modules and packs are units of gathered batteries. A cluster of cells make up a module and a cluster of modules make up a pack.

Battery Cell, Module & Pack Assembly | Avantor

All the Chemicals, Equipment and Instruments You Need for Battery Cell, Module and Pack Assembly

While battery electrode production is primarily a chemical process, battery cell, module and pack production is a mechanical assembly process.

Battery cells are containers that chemically store energy. They come in many shapes and forms but the three most common ones are prismatic, pouch and cylindrical.

The battery cells are arranged in modules to achieve serviceable units. The cells are connected using copper or aluminum bus bars in series and in parallel, into battery packs, to achieve the desired voltage and energy capacity. An electric car for example requires 400-800 volts and one single battery cell typically features 3-4 volts.

Finally, the battery pack is the complete enclosure that delivers power to the electric vehicle. The pack usually contains battery cells and/or modules, software (BMS - battery management system) and often a cooling and heating system, depending on where and how the battery pack is to be used.

Moving forward, cells may be directly integrated into the full battery pack, without dividing it up into individual modules (Cell to Pack) or directly integrated into the vehicle frame (Cell to chassis).

Before a battery can be fitted in an EV, it must be formatted and tested. Battery formation is currently the main bottleneck in the battery manufacturing process. The charge and discharge cycles that activate the material in a newly assembled battery cell or pack can take up to 20 hours. But the process is essential as it greatly impacts a battery’s life, quality and cost. Nearly every newly produced battery is subject to the formation and testing process before it can be fitted in a system.

Avantor will support you by offering chemicals, equipment, instruments as well as a broad range of products for R&D, QA/QC, Testing, controlled environment, personal protective equipment, safety and facility management.

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