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Advancing science education and providing equitable access to quality healthcare for underserved community members.

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The Avantor Foundation’s mission is to create a better world by helping advance STEM education and providing equitable access to quality healthcare for underserved community members.

As Avantor’s philanthropic arm, the Avantor Foundation’s grants enable the company and its associates to support the global communities where we live and work actively.  

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education

Statistics demonstrate an ongoing global shortage of women and historically underrepresented ethnicities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. To help reduce this gap in communities where Avantor has a presence and inspire young people to pursue careers in these fields, the Avantor Foundation invests in:

  • Community-based organizations and educational institutions providing exposure to STEM and STEM careers for underserved high school students.
  • Outfitting science labs in underserved high schools with equipment and products facilitating scientific experimentation and discovery. 

Providing Equitable Access to Quality Healthcare

Across the globe, there are large groups of people without equitable access to high-quality, effective healthcare. To help address this inequity and improve health outcomes in communities in which Avantor has a presence, the Avantor Foundation funds:

  • Organizations that provide outreach to marginalized people through a variety of modalities such as mobile units, telemedicine, healthcare workers, digital health navigators, and others.
  • Organizations that provide community healthcare workers to:
    • Educate the community on ways to stay healthy. 
    • Build trust between community residents and medical staff with the goal of increasing the use of local clinics or other healthcare providers.
    • Deliver healthcare services. 
  • Organizations that provide basic healthcare services to disaster survivors.